Blv Paris – Restaurant identity

Blv Paris


Art direction and graphic design:
Hugo Chevallier

Daniel Lober

Blv is a restaurant and cocktail bar based in Belleville, North East side of Paris. It’s a place that tells a story inspired by origins and travel. Inside the restaurant, the furniture is of old parisian boheme inspiration, a lot of natural materials such as rattan or handmade tiles from Marocco and Bulgaria.
You can also find traditional carpets, beautiful wood tables from Poland and chairs from Italy.

The concept is based on the asterisk symbol used in printing and text as a reference mark. It’s also a symbol you will find on traditional parisian iron shutters. The idea was to use the star as a reference mark to the Blv, to refer to all its origins and everything you can find in the restaurant; from the Indian teas and curries or beef tataki native from Japan. One small symbol for a whole lot of culture!